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Nutraceuticals market worth $128.6 billion in 2010

Despite all the news coverage about the recent study of vitamins in older women, it’s going to take a lot more to knock out the Nutraceutical market.  According to a recent Market Watch Story :Preventative Medicine Trend Pushing Nutraceutical Market Expansion: Nutraceuticals market worth $128.6 billion in 2010. Why do we care?  Because this is a huge […]

Video Testimonials From Frozen X-plosion Customers | Contest & Prizes!

we are excited to announce our customer video testimonials contest. There are 4 categories of testimonials. Each category winner will receive a case of Frozen X-plosion and a case of Fruit Concentrate. The deadline for video submission on Facebook is 10.31.11.Video Testimonials should be uploaded to YouTube and shared on our Facebook page.Testimonial Categories: … […]

More Than Just Delicious Frappes and Smoothies…

NEW APPLICATIONS FOR are raising profits even more! is known for being the key ingredient in delicious custom frappes and smoothies. Most people relate the name “” with the custom iced blended beverages that we specialize in creating. is great for creating smoothies, frappes, and bar drinks alike. What many people do not know is […]

offering all the iced blended beverages your customers could dream of ?

Are you making a full line of custom iced blended drinks? If not, you should be taking advantage of one of the largest free online drink recipe books available! OURS! Our recipes will give you the freedom to make nearly any frozen beverage – Coffee, Fruit, and Bar recipes are all included! Your customers will […]

One drink at a time

Q. Do you need a simple solution for new employees? Or an easy way to let others experiment with for themselves? A. SOLUTION! We have just added portion packs to our online store! Making drinks has never been easier than having each drink in its own packaging and ready to blend. These single serve packs […]

Special Deals by Phone NOW!



An increase in awareness and offering of iced blended drinks such as coffee frappes and smoothies is bringing in a new customer base to coffee shops and Drive-Thru’s. People are no longer just going to coffee houses to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, especially now during the hot summer months when a hot cup […]

LIME – just showed up!

Look who just showed up to join the other flavors! LIME, another Frappe and Smoothie flavor! Like each of our other flavors, this one is made with real fruit and tastes great when blended with our Frappe and Smoothie Powdered Base. Try it out, and BLEND ON! -

Have you seen our new fruit flavor starter kit?

Check this out! Our New Fruit Flavors have been a big hit! To get more people involved and making drinks NOW, we are offering a PROMO STARTER kit! The kit includes 6 flavors! (You choose the 6) and also 6 pumper pots, letting you get to work right away! Making delicious real fruit smoothies and […]

New Frozen X-Plosion Fruit Flavors

Have you seen the new Fruit Flavors? A whole new variety of delicious real fruit smoothie and frappe flavors is now available on our website! These flavors are the perfect addition to your smoothie/frappe production line! These delicious flavors are easy to use, cost effective,  shelf stable, and taste fresh because they are made with […]

What are you doing with Frozen X-Plosion this summer?

puts the freedom in your hands to make the perfect iced blended drink, and the one your customer will love! We provide everything you need to make DELICIOUS smoothies and frappes, YOU just bring the creativity ( however we can even provide that). Here is a favorite from a coffee shop on Camano Island, Washington. […]

If You’ve Been With us The Whole Time you Were Right…

If you are a partner, you know that we are all about providing a product that lets YOU and YOUR customers get exactly what YOU want.  Our main product, our Frappe and Smoothie base, is our most basic and most popular product. It lets you create whatever you want! It Blends perfectly with ANYTHING creating […]

volcano vs. pallets of Frozen X-Plosion

By now you have all heard of the volcanic activity in Iceland and how is has effected not only the nation but also the rest of the world, and with that air traffic in Europe. With that, many of our international shipments were stopped! However most of our shipments are back on track! and Frappe […]

Frozen X-Plosion- Expanding to new countries…

Exciting news! Here at we are an international Frappe and Smoothie Company, and to us, getting our product into new countries is always very exciting! Just this morning a ten pallet order came across my desk and we are getting ready for our first shipment of Frappe and Smoothie Base to Lebanon! We look forward […]

& Fruits

The same guys who have shown us a few other crazy ideas for what smoothie and frappe base can be used for- sent in this! A delicious blend of fruits and make a great smoothie- watch the video above to see how they blended, and to learn other great Smoothie Recipes to try at home! […]

The Perfect Mocha Frappe

Do you offer a delicious iced blended mocha beverage? If not, you should! This is a staple beverage at coffee houses and espresso stands, and a drink that you will want to master in order to keep you blended drink costumers coming back for more. There are many ways to make a mocha frappe, and […]

Happy Valentines Day From Frozen X-Plosion

Happy Valentines Day from – We hope you have a wonderful Day and even make some time to blend on with Make a delicious smoothie or frappe for your loved ones! Here is a quick video that got us excited to blend on! happy valentines day!

Berry Tea Smoothie

& Blue Berry Green Tea We have 3 more short videos from these guys that will be up soon! First Check this out! We think it is so fun that you can just take your favorite snacks and blend them…We want to see yours NEXT! BLEND ON!


Why “Crappe 2 Frappe” ? We want to show you what a frappe and smoothie base should be, and set the standard. tastes great, blends with anything, and ads just the right amount of smoothness and sweetness to your blended drink. Just try it and you will understand why we say this. Through the Crappe […]


Here is a sneak peak at a soon to come video, we got this clip and i just couldn’t wait to put it up! check out what this guy, well… what this guys friends did with his S’MORES!

Frozen X-Plosion Frappe and Smoothie Base and a Red Bull energy Drink!

YES! HERE it is – We are very excited. ‘s first Crappe 2 Frappe Video!!! Check out what these guys did with Frappe and Smoothie Base and a Red Bull energy Drink! We can’t wait to receive more video entries and find out what YOU are doing with ! To find out more click the […]


was founded in 2003 to give businesses and consumers a solution to easily make delicious frappes and smoothies for less than $1.00 Our solution was to introduce ’s signature frappe and smoothie mixes that are lactose free, trans fat free, cholesterol free and gluten free. The frappe and smoothie mixes go perfectly with any assortment […]

Introduction to Frozen X-plosion

is the world’s fastest growing frappe and smoothie company for good reason. The frappe and smoothie mix is the key ingredient in delicious, custom frappes and smoothies. Our powder frappe and smoothie mix is delicious, shelf stable and offered in an all-natural version. Best of all, our frappe and smoothie mix is easy to use! […]